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Articles posted in April 2008

Honey, I Blew The Budget
April 28, 2008 by Rachel
If you have managed money for more than 37 minutes, you have dealt with some form of a "blown budget".   Maybe you blew it because you keep your budget "in your head".  Maybe you blew it because you bounced a check or made a late payment (or both) and had to pay lots of fees.  Maybe, you blew it because you splurged on an outfit or a vacation or a spa that you "deserve" because you work so hard.  Or ...
6 Reasons To Pay Off Debt Sooner Rather Than Later
April 24, 2008 by Rachel
Debt (and plenty of it) is the predominant way of life for millions and millions of Americans.  Good, bad or indifferent, it is the mode of operation for most of us.  That simple fact is the primary reason why the current "credit crisis" is as severe and wide-reaching as it is.  Whether you are carrying a little bit of debt or so much that you are struggling to make the payments, there are some good reasons for paying it ...
Online Financial Tools Make Money Management Easier
April 21, 2008 by Rachel
Since telephone banking transitioned to online banking, millions and millions of consumers have become comfortable and even dependent on technology to manage many of their daily activities, personal information and money.  As part of that transition, the number of online financial tools has increased.  Likewise, usage of those tools has increased rapidly in the last 3-5 years.  Customers are no longer limited to online bank statements and bill pay options to make financial management easy and convenient.  If you ...
Save It Before You See It
April 17, 2008 by Rachel
Could you benefit by saving money you don't see each month? I suspect that there are plenty of people that treat their money the way I do - whatever is left gets spent (and then some)! For people like me, figuring out a way to save money "automatically" can make a huge difference in your bottom line.  If you need to save, save it before you see the NET each month.  If you need to invest, send it straight ...
BOOK REVIEW: Women & Money: Owning the Power To Control Your Destiny
April 14, 2008 by Rachel
Suze Orman Speigel & Grau - 2007 Suze Orman is no stranger to the bestseller list.  Nor is she unfamiliar with the variety of money challenges that confront Americans every day.  Her latest book, Women and Money: Owning the Power To Control Your Destiny, takes her years of experience as a broker and a personal finance expert and directs it toward women, their money challenges and their relationships with money. Orman focuses her attention on many of the roles women ...
If Time Isn’t On Your Side
April 10, 2008 by Rachel
By my calendar, there are only 5 days left until the tax deadline.  If you are completing it yourself, you might still be able to make it.  If you are turning your information over to professionals, it's probably too late.  Not to worry.  Your situation isn't beyond repair!  You can fulfill your 2007 tax obligations to the IRS just like everyone else.  You just might need a little more time to do it... Tax return filing extensions are available to just ...
Simple Strategies for Surviving the Bad Economy
April 7, 2008 by Rachel
For months, now, all the news about the economy and anything associated with it has been negative.  The housing market is not doing well.  There's a "credit crisis".  Oil prices are at record highs and, consequently, we are paying much higher prices for gas.  The stock market has gone down as well as interest rates on CD's and high-yield savings accounts.  Not to mention that lots of people are without jobs.  Just about the only good news there has ...
Boost Bucks With Budget Billing
April 3, 2008 by Rachel
One good thing about the current economic news is that even a little bit of extra cash can have a significant impact on your monthly budget.  If you've already cut back on entertainment and non-essential expenses and still don't see any breathing room, consider "budget billing" as a way to manage bills that vary from month to month. Budget billing is the process of dividing the total yearly cost into 12 equal (or close to equal) payments.  It is most ...