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Articles posted in May 2008

The Delicate Balance
May 8, 2008 by Rachel
If you have multiple credit cards and you are carrying unpaid balances on them, using a balance transfer has probably crossed your mind.  More than likely, you have received offers for pre-approved balance transfers in your own mailbox and they sound like a great deal.  If you read the ads, you may figure you would be crazy NOT to move your money to another card!  Before moving anything, make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions of the ...
Spending The Stimulus SLOWLY
May 5, 2008 by Rachel
For the last 2 or 3 months, we have been bombarded with talk about the economic stimulus package (i.e. tax rebates).  Since the legislation was passed to actually fund the rebates, the economy has gotten significantly worse.  Finally, the money is actually rolling into bank accounts and it seems that the government (and the retailers) want us to spend the money as quickly as possible!  Never mind that we have heard nothing but hype, political and otherwise, surrounding the rebate ...
Check Your (IM)Pulse
May 1, 2008 by Rachel
If you are one of the millions of shoppers that enter Target (or Wal Mart, Dollar General, etc.) for milk and trash bags and leave $75-$100 later, you are a victim of "impulse" marketing.  In other words, lots of people get paid to think about where to put things and how to arrange the store (and any number of other specific tactics) so that you will buy things you didn't come for to start with!  More time, energy and ...