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Articles posted in July 2008

Choosing Between Credit or Debit
July 20, 2008 by Admin
Choosing between credit or debit can be a little confusing. At the bank, you have an account that is termed a “debit account”. You put money into the account, then write checks or withdraw against that amount, and only that amount. When you take out a debt with a store or financial company, you now have a “credit account” in that you have a predetermined line of credit that you can spend up against. In reality, your available bank ...
Custom Credit Cards
July 8, 2008 by Admin
Credit cards are the rage now in this time and age. More and more young people turn to credit cards to make their purchases so that they can accumulate points to redeem for gifts of their choice. Besides, the credit card cashless transaction makes it very convenient to buy big expensive items. And when you dine in high end restaurants, you don't have to carry excess cash anymore. There are many types of credit cards offered by different banks ...