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Articles posted in August 2008

Commercial Paper - What Are they & Economic Affects
August 30, 2008 by Admin
In the United States, the term commercial paper refers to promissory notes that have a fixed maturity of less than two hundred seventy days. These negotiable instruments are issued by corporations or banking institutions in exchange for capital that can be used to meet short term financial obligations such as regular operating expenses. Less expensive than using a bank credit line and normally sold at a discount of face value, commercial paper is an extremely liquid market that is ...
Quick Sale- The Step Before Foreclosure
August 28, 2008 by Admin
In today's economic climate, anyone with a basic grasp of financial terms knows what a foreclosure is, and how America is currently facing a credit crunch due to the record number of home owners defaulting on their loans. What many people are unaware of, however, is the steps which precede foreclosure, and the opportunities they present, both to the savvy real estate investor, and to the distressed home owner themselves. In the pre-foreclosure period, home owners have the option ...
Credit Card Interest Rates
August 21, 2008 by Admin
If you apply for and are accepted for a credit card, you will have to deal with credit card interest rates. A credit card’s interest rate is how card issuers – the people or organization giving you the card and credit – earn their revenue. When a person uses a credit card, they borrow money. While the money is borrowed, the organization, usually a bank, charges the cardholder an interest rate that can accrue or build over time. The interest ...
Using a Credit Card Wisely
August 2, 2008 by Admin
Let’s get one thing straight. Even though this article is about using credit cards wisely, credit cards still have redeeming qualities. One such quality is convenience. They come in quite handily when carrying larger sums of cash is out of the question, you are provided with a full record of your purchases, it is possible to consolidate payments with them and when checking out you need not give the cashier any form of ID as is the case ...