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Articles posted in September 2008

A Second Stimulus Package to Help the Economy
September 30, 2008 by Admin
Although the complete economic effects of the first American stimulus package remain to be seen, some economists are arguing that a second stimulus package would further protect the American economy from lapsing into a full recession. The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 provided $158 billion in tax refunds to the American public, with an estimated $124 billion being returned into the economy in the 10 years to follow. A second stimulus package would provide American consumers, who have been hit hard during the ...
Credit Card Fraud Protection
September 28, 2008 by Admin
There are many fraudsters all over the place sending fraudulent emails to phish for bank, Paypal and credit card details. As long as you don't key in personal financial information in this unsolicited emails, you are safe. But many unsuspecting people, thinking that the bank need to verify passwords that are lost in the database or some other valid excuse, inadvertently entered their personal information and their banking details are compromised. Same too with credit card fraud. People steal ...
Super Secrets for Selective Spending
September 22, 2008 by Rachel
According to a recent research study conducted by Visa USA, Americans are just NOT paying attention to where they are spending their money! There is no question that they are spending it, but things get fuzzy when they start trying to quantify where and how much cash they actually spend. According to the study, the people that "lose" cash each year (almost 1/2 of Americans), manage to lose more than $2000 during the course of a year. Without a doubt, the ...
Finding Work During Retirement Years
September 20, 2008 by Admin
If you have money in the stock market or a 401(K) plan or other investments, you're probably worried about the long term effects of the stock market and credit crisis on your retirement funds. If you're close to retirement age, you're probably more than worried. You're probably wondering with your account taking such a hit, will you be able to retire at all. Well, more and more retirees are finding they have to work during their retirement years to ...
Real Estate- Down Market Means Buyers Market
September 13, 2008 by Admin
Real estate can be a great investment strategy, but it's not without risks. Knowing when to buy and sell, and making wise purchasing choices, will greatly increase your ability to make money and protect your investments in the real estate market. Currently America is experiencing one of the worst down markets in recent history, and the world is feeling the effects of the down market as well. For most Americans, this trend has had a negative effect on their ...
401k Advice in a Down Economy
September 10, 2008 by Admin
A down economy is always a tough climate in which to make money -- but it doesn't have to be a tough climate for your retirement savings account. Money management should be for the long term, and a down economy is just a natural part of the business cycle. What's important to remember in a down economy is that your investments, while potentially losing value, are still assets. Assets fluctuate, but they never disappear entirely. What Effect Does a ...
Regional Banks and the Credit Crisis
September 5, 2008 by Admin
As just about everyone knows by now, there's a credit crisis going on in the country that doesn't look like it's going to end any time soon. The economy is dragging, debt is at an all time high, homes are being repossessed, families are losing their savings, and the stock market is losing ground almost daily. This is probably the worst time for the economy and the banking system since the Great Depression first started in 1929, but there is ...
Electric Cars - How Much do They Really Save You?
September 2, 2008 by Admin
In the midst of the current financial crisis, the rising cost of energy and the instability in the Middle East, the need for alternative sources of power is imperative. The resurrection of the electric car is imminent as research and development is underway for auto giants like General Motors, Nissan, Chrysler, and Toyota. What does that mean for the average American who is coping with the economic crunch? Ultimately it means reclaiming some of your hard earned money from ...