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CareOne Credit

CareOne Credit Review

The economy is finally starting to show some signs of recovery, but there are still a lot of us who are behind with payments and don't know where to seek help or find solutions for our debt dilemmas. One place I found some assistance and some answers was CareOne Credit,

The first good sign was that CareOne Credit has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

CareOne's website is full of informative ways to solve debt related problems. If you just need tips on how to start saving money, the website has over 20 articles devoted to budget planning ideas alone. Additionally, there are blogs which share information on everything from what vaccines are covered by Medicare to credit issues for college grads, along with real world solutions to keeping out of debt from the Debt Diva.

There are also articles describing how to manage debt and whether debt consolidation, bankruptcy or credit assistance would better suit your needs.

In addition, CareOne Credit has a section on Consumer Protection Laws. Anyone who has ever been contacted by a debt collector knows how unpleasant that situation can be. If you know your rights, you can handle a collection agency much better and protect yourself. So the articles on credit scores and other consumer rights are definitely worth anyone's time.

If you do need assistance with ridding your finances of negative numbers, CareOne Credit is a really reliable source that stresses their services provide personal guidance for your particular situation. You don't even have to call and talk to them to find out if their programs can save you money. There's a simple form on their website, that gives you an estimate on how much they can save you in a matter of minutes.

CareOne Credit Services

CareOne Credit offers different options for debt consolidation, either through a debt management plan (DMP) or a debt settlement. Either plan allows enough flexibility so your plan can be individualized to meet your needs.

Debt Management Plan (DMP)

A DMP is an agreement you make with a debt relief provider to pay off your unsecured debt, such as credit card debt or medical bills. You pay one monthly payment to the debt relief provider, and they pay your creditors. This plan takes 5 years or less.

Debt Settlement Plan

If you are considering bankruptcy, a debt settlement plan might be a better option. And CareOne has just launched a new settlement pilot program that reduced the fees for debt settlement by 87% in comparison to other debt consolidators. Your debt relief provider negotiates with your creditors for a reduced repayment amount. You pay what is a feasible monthly amount into an account and your debt relief provider pays your creditors.

Instead of wondering what to do about your debt, take action and start becoming informed about what you can do to get out of debt. There are answers and solutions; they can be found at CareOne Credit.

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