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Recent Gas Price Hike Could Forecast the Future
January 19, 2009 by Alexis
Gas prices rose for the sixth consecutive day Monday, putting the national average at $1.842 a gallon. It’s a figure that’s 3 full cents higher than Friday’s figures. Gas Comparisons Over the Last Year Despite the temporary jump in prices, gas is still selling for 39% of what it sold for last January and 55% less than this summer when gas prices reached record national highs of $4.114 a gallon on July 17. Only Alaska, Hawaii, California and Washington currently have gas ...
Top 10 Cities Vying for a Piece of Obama's Job Creating Stimulus Plans
December 18, 2008 by Alexis
On December 8, the United States Conference of Mayors met and drew up an 803-page report outlining how their respective cities would use the money President-elect Barack Obama intends to spend on infrastructure projects aimed at improving America’s economic situation by giving the country a face lift. Altogether, the 427 city mayors drew up a list of nearly 11,400 projects, totally $73 billion, they would like to see put into action when Obama presumably signs off on the plan. Miami and Mayor ...
Will Alternative Energy Save the American Economy?
December 7, 2008 by Alexis
The development of alternative energy was a large part of every candidate's platform in the recent US election. The arguments from the candidates, both Democrat and Republic, were similar: we need to gain energy independence from Middle Eastern oil producers; we need to stop polluting the environment by burning fossil fuels; and we need to build a new, robust alternative energy in the United States. While the entire debate seems like a giant political echo chamber on the surface, ...
The Future of Gas
November 29, 2008 by Admin
The recent decrease in gas prices has been a welcomed change to the beleaguered American consumer. After four years of steady increases, the price of a gallon of gas has declined steadily since the financial crisis began abating worldwide demand in September. The national average gas price fell by 15 cents to $1.868 over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, despite the expected increase in demand as travelers hit the roads to visit family. On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, a barrel of gasoline ...