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Credit Card Fraud Protection
September 28, 2008 by Admin
There are many fraudsters all over the place sending fraudulent emails to phish for bank, Paypal and credit card details. As long as you don't key in personal financial information in this unsolicited emails, you are safe. But many unsuspecting people, thinking that the bank need to verify passwords that are lost in the database or some other valid excuse, inadvertently entered their personal information and their banking details are compromised. Same too with credit card fraud. People steal ...
Identity Theft Where You Least Expect It
March 17, 2008 by Rachel
It's no suprise that identity theft is a growing problem that causes billions of dollars of financial losses each year.  By now, most of us are aware of "phishing" schemes and credit card "skimmers" and the common methods used by identity thieves.  Unfortunately, identity thieves are working faster than most consumers, financial industries and retailers.  Consequently, personal information is being stolen from places that wouldn't seem to have much to offer.  Would you think to protect information here? medical ...