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5 Reasons to Buy a Home Now
January 20, 2009 by Chase
There’s a brief exchange I had a few years ago with a friend’s father that I’ll never forget. We were sitting outside a Washington DC lunch spot talking about what I was going to do when I got out of college when I asked Mark, who’s been a real estate developer in Maryland for years, whether or not real estate would forever exist as a lucrative business. His answer was short, but it explained every ...
Home Price Index Hit With 18% Drop In October
December 30, 2008 by Alexis
Homes prices across the country dropped again between September and October, marking the 27th month in a row that the S&P Case-Shiller Index has posted losses. The mean price of homes saw a 2.2% drop, bringing prices back down to where they sat in March of 2004. Altogether, home prices experienced an 18% decrease from last October’s figures. David Blitzer, Chairman of the Index Committee at Standard & Poor’s, attributes the price drop to the fact that October ...
Mortgage Loan Delinquency Rate Sees Dramatic Raise
December 8, 2008 by Alexis
A TransUnion report published Monday revealed that 53% of homeowners whose interest rates were modified earlier this year ended up defaulting within six months regardless of the adjustment. The report findings come from a surveyed 60% of those with primary mortgages, a tally that covers over 35 million homes worth a total of $6 trillion. This is the 7th consecutive quarter in which mortgage loan delinquency has risen, and this quarter’s hit was especially hard. Delinquency rates in the third quarter of ...