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Maximize Your Annuity Payouts Before It’s Too Late
January 16, 2009 by Chase
If you were planning on holding off on making a charitable donation until after February, it may be time to reconsider. The American Council on Gift Annuities, the organization that operates under an exemption from federal antitrust laws and sets rates on charitable gift annuities, announced recently that they plan on cutting payout rates by as much as 15% for all annuities arranged after February 1. So how does this affect you? Every time you make a contribution of cash or ...
Can You Avoid Higher Roth IRA Taxes?
January 9, 2009 by Chase
Attn: Retirees – Yes, You Can Did you know you can switch your assets back to a more traditional retirement account if your Roth IRA isn’t holding value? It’s true, and CNN Money Magazine’s Walter Updegrave suggests the oft-overlooked tactic can be a smart move as our country looks toward what’s expected to be a long-winded recession complete with Presidentially-revamped taxes. For example, Updegrave points out that your Roth IRA’s value could take a huge ...
2009 Senior Savings Get a Boost from Congress
January 5, 2009 by Alexis
Senior citizens across the country got good news in December when reports out of Washington stated that Congress suspended the law that requires those 70 ½ or older to withdraw funds from their retirement plans in 2009, even if they don’t need the money. Traditionally, senior citizens have had to withdraw what’s known as “required minimum distributions,” or RMDs, every year, with the price tag based individually on the IRA owner’s age and IRA balance on December 31 of the ...
Finding Work During Retirement Years
September 20, 2008 by Admin
If you have money in the stock market or a 401(K) plan or other investments, you're probably worried about the long term effects of the stock market and credit crisis on your retirement funds. If you're close to retirement age, you're probably more than worried. You're probably wondering with your account taking such a hit, will you be able to retire at all. Well, more and more retirees are finding they have to work during their retirement years to ...