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Top 10 Cities Vying for a Piece of Obama's Job Creating Stimulus Plans

December 18, 2008 by Alexis
On December 8, the United States Conference of Mayors met and drew up an 803-page report outlining how their respective cities would use the money President-elect Barack Obama intends to spend on infrastructure projects aimed at improving America’s economic situation by giving the country a face lift. Altogether, the 427 city mayors drew up a list of nearly 11,400 projects, totally $73 billion, they would like to see put into action when Obama presumably signs off on the plan. Miami and Mayor Manny Diaz, who serves as President of the Conference of Mayors, made the biggest splash on the list when the south Florida city outlined $3.4 billion in projects that would generate 55,355 jobs.  Diaz has suggested that $281 million go into airport related projects, $200 million get spent on city garage developments, and $280 million go towards developing a public transportation system built around streetcars. Sacramento, the capital of California, hopes to receive $2.8 billion, a total that would help create 8,895 jobs through a series of road and interstate projects ($560 million) and flood prevention projects ($200 million). Additionally, Sacramento has expressed an interest in purchasing stronger equipment for the fire and police departments that could run as high as $250 million. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Michael Nutter has expressed interest in receiving $2.6 billion dollars to renovate new schools ($150 million), built a new juvenile detention facility ($110 million), and redevelop a number of cultural facilities, including the city’s convention center, the zoo and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which would total $100 million. Philadelphia’s plan would generate 24,527 jobs. The city of Los Angeles, California plans to spend $2.4 billion dollars on 28 water projects ($852 million), highway carpool lane advancements ($100 million), and clean fuel trucks ($77 million) that would create approximately 5,000 jobs. Alberquerque, New Mexico hopes to get $2.3 billion to run a series of clean energy projects. The most costly initiatives would go towards a waste-to-energy plant ($650 million), a Double Eagle Concentrated Solar Project ($523 million), and the Double Eagle Wind Farm ($140 million). Albuquerque predicts these projects could generate over 5,180 jobs. 60,694 jobs could be created in St. Louis if the Missouri city gets all it has asked for. For $2.3 billion, the Gateway to the West plans to spend $174 million on school improvements, $464 million on community development programs, and $900 on expanding St. Louis’ light rail network. San Francisco ranks as the third most wishful city in California. Its $2.2 billion wishlist would create work for 12,704 individuals renovating the airport ($528 million), creating the “Grand Central Station of the West Coast” ($200 million), and developing a communications system that would coordinate emergency response across 10 Bay Area countries ($600 million). Atlanta, Georgia is asking for $1.6 billion to create 12,704 jobs. The projects include spending $500 million on completing a new airport terminal, $120 million on street resurfacing, and $50 on repairing hazardous sidewalks. Phoenix, Arizona would like to initiate 17 different airport projects, totaling $494 million, in addition to nine projects intent on redeveloping the city’s transit system ($119 million). Altogether, Phoenix hopes to spend $1.4 billion. Dallas, Texas has plans to kick-start 12,124 jobs by spending $1.2 billion on replacing lights in city parking lots with LEDs, putting solar panels on schools and buildings, and building a bridge on I-30. Included in the total is a request to spend $386 million on a hotel for the convention center.

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