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Fiber Optic TV Service

Guide to Finding the Best Fiber Optic TV Services and Providers

Fiber optic TV is an extremely reliable service with a huge amount of programs available and a high definition picture that can’t be beat. Fiber optic is the latest technology for delivering digital TV, but subscribers are already singing its praises.

Continue reading to find out what makes fiber optic TV so popular when it comes to digital TV service.


How Fiber Optic TV Service Works

The technology behind fiber optic TV is revolutionary. Basically, it allows modulating light waves to pass along thousands of thin glass or plastic wires bound together with layers of protective material in a fiber optic cable.

These cables are used in the communication industry because they transfer digital information far faster than conventional copper wire and are less expensive. Data is transferred into light pulses that move along the wires. These wires can be a few feet or thousands of miles long. High speed internet, telephone and cable television are examples of information that travels faster and clearer on fiber optic cables.


The Benefits of Fiber Optic TV

Fiber optic cables provider end-users with a number of benefits. They can transfer much more information at one time because of better bandwidth capabilities. The signal stays strong and clear and does not degrade as it travels over the cables.

Also, light waves are not susceptible to interference as are electrical signals through copper wire which makes the connection more stable and reliable. Finally, since they are made of glass, there is very little risk of fire.


Top Fiber Optic TV Providers

Verizon FiOS is the only provider to offer 100% fiber optic digital TV directly to consumers in their homes. It delivers phone and high speed internet as well as superior quality for both online videos as well as traditional television service. Verizon is constantly doing research on fiber optics and expanding their service area, and their fiber optic upgrades are automatically available to existing subscribers.

AT&T U-Verse services also offer subscribers digital TV that's partially powered through fiber optic.

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