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VoIP Phone Service in Espanola, NM

Voice over Internet Protocol, also commonly referred to as VoIP, has been a major player in the Espanola communications industry since 2004. It's hard to imagine that less than a decade ago the idea of using anything other than a phone to make a call was innovative. Today, VoIP phone services are getting to be commonplace on the consumer market, giving millions of people the opportunity to carry out conversations worldwide.

How Does Espanola VoIP Phone Service Work?

VoIP is a group of technologies that deliver voice communications using the internet. In order to do this, the analog voice signal must be digitized, encoded and transmitted as Internet Protocol packets which is then received, decoded and converted to the appropriate signal depending on the call's final destination.

VoIP calls in Espanola are placed using either a computer, VoIP phone or conventional telephone that is hooked up to an adapter. With Espanola, NM VoIP phone service calls can be made to either a telephone or another computer, providing you with more flexibility in the way you communicate with family, friends and business associates.

How VoIP Compares to Other Phone Services in Espanola, NM

There are many similarities and differences between Espanola VoIP and traditional phone services.


Just like traditional phone service, VoIP customers in Espanola can make local, long distance and even international calls. Calls can be made to any phone number whether it's a landline or a mobile phone.

VoIP phone calls provide good sound quality and calls are received the same way you would receive a traditional phone call if you're using a VoIP phone or regular phone that's connected to an adapter.  The people you're calling will not be able to differentiate a traditional call from a VoIP call.

Espanola VoIP providers offer customers the same great calling features as traditional phone companies and they've got a variety of calling plans as well.


Unlike traditional phone services in Espanola, you will need an internet connection to make VoIP phone calls. Due to this you might not have the ability to place calls if your power goes out. Before you sign up for service ask the provider whether they]ve got backup power or another solution in cases where your power goes out.

VoIP calls are delivered over a packet switched network and do not require any phone lines, whereas traditional phone services a delivered over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and require phone lines so as to receive service. So  traditional phone service is restricted to your home while VoIP service can be portal and utilized from any spot that has an internet connection.

However, this portability has one drawback that isn't an issue with traditional phone service. Emergency 911 calls made with a traditional phone service goes to a Public Safety Answering Point where the location and phone number can easily and automatically be identified. If you're using a VoIP phone service this information may not be automatically transmitted to 911 operators and when they do the location will likely be where the Espanola VoIP phone service is registered, not the location where the caller is at that exact time.

How to Find Top Espanola VoIP Phone Service Providers

Today there are a number of Espanola VoIP providers from which to choose that offer both residential and business phone services. As outlined above, each provider offers their own unique services, plans and prices. Because VoIP phone service doesn't require phone lines you are not limited to providers that are strictly in your area.

Make sure to inquire about the equipment required for service, their policy for handling 911 calls and power outages, what calling areas are included in their plans and if you'll have any installation fees.

Vonage was one of the first to provide VoIP phone services and to this day remains a popular choice among consumers. Although their headquarters are in the U.S. they provide service worldwide for both residences and businesses.

Other top Espanola VoIP providers include: AT&T, Nextiva, RingCentral, Vocalocity and 8x8, Inc.

Get the best deals on VoIP phone service today. Check to see which providers have the best VoIP phone plans and prices in your area by calling the toll free number above or using the secure search form.

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