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Project Working Mom

Project Working Mom is making it possible for busy mothers to gain the education they need to advance their career, meet personal goals and provide for their families. PWM understands as a mother you are concerned with not only taking care of your family and offering them the best possible opportunities in life but also in setting a great example for your children about how important education is in their future.

But with an already hectic schedule balancing work, family and personal life and the many responsibilities that come with it, receiving a higher education may seem like something a mother has to sacrifice. That is why Project Working Mom was created. PWM understands these priorities and time management concerns and has answered them by providing you with a network of working mothers for support as well as information and tools for turning the dream of higher education into a reality.

Through Project Working Mom you can discover the new opportunities of online education that can alleviate the problem of finding time to fit classes into your schedule. PWM provides information on dozens of online degrees and certifications that can be earned online to help working moms advance their careers or even begin a new one. PWM also help you decide which online program will best help you reach your career goals and in the shortest amount of time so you can begin using your new education.

PWM also addresses the issue of cost for higher education which is understandably a concern for mothers who are helping support their family. Oftentimes necessities like the house payment and groceries take the forefront in spending and education has to take a back seat. But you have options when it comes to online education. Project Working Mom will show you what those options are and how to apply for and receive the financial aid that students at traditional learning institutions enjoy. With the help of scholarships and student loans the cost of higher education doesn't have to hold back your earning potential

Six out of ten working moms make less than $30,000 a year

But with a higher education online you can break out of that statistic. Project Working Mom works for moms not only to give them the support they need to make higher education a possibility, but also the support they need in finding a job. PWM has teamed up with to give you the added advantage of career planning advice, tips on searching for the right position and more.

If you're a working mom who's been considering earning a higher education and thinking about the benefits that education could bring to your career and family then Project Working Mom was created for you. Discover how the PWM program can assist you through the entire process from choosing the right courses to choosing the right job.

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