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Digital TV Providers

There are 7 Digital TV providers that have large national coverage listed below. To find providers for a precise location, please enter your zip code above.

There may be local providers of Digital TV services that are not listed here due to lack of national coverage.


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Cox Communications

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Cox Communications


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Dish Network

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Dish Network


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Get the Best Digital Television Services in Your Area

Before you buy digital cable TV services for your home, you should decide what type of service is right for you. Some people like to have more channels and more access to paid programming while others prefer local TV and sports. Luckily, digital TV providers have packages for every type of TV viewer.

Depending on what a person wants in their digital TV package and where they live there can be a wide variety of options available or only one type of digital TV service. Continue reading to explore all the available digital TV services.


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Digital Satellite TV Services

One type of digital TV service is satellite TV which uses stationary satellites above the earth to transmit digital signals between the provider and the individual users' satellite dish. Satellite TV providers have been supplying digital TV to subscribers long before others made the switch from analog. Even consumers with an analog television set can still enjoy a crystal clear digital picture by using a satellite TV service.

With satellite TV you also get hundreds of channels and the ability to view channels in HD. Satellite TV is a great option for those living in more remote areas where other digital TV services aren’t readily available.

Dish Network is the most popular provider for satellite TV in the United States, delivering digital TV to millions of customers.


Digital Cable TV Services

Digital cable TV is a popular choice that also allows customers to enjoy television at home. Digital cable TV works through a regular cable connection and gets direct transmissions from the provider itself. Digital cable TV is very reliable and easy to install because it is linked in with a physical cable that’s connected to a digital converter box in the home.

Cable TV allows for more channels, better picture quality and can provide users with access to high speed internet or a phone line with just one connection. The leading service providers for digital cable TV in the United States include Comcast Cable, Time Warner Cable®, and Cox Communications.

Digital Fiber Optic TV Services

The most recent technological development in the world of digital TV is fiber optic TV, which is known for being a stable, reliable type of digital television service. That’s because fiber optic lines used to transmit the signals were developed to be more durable.

Fiber optic cable isn’t easily affected by storms and static interferences so lags or interruptions to the service are less likely. Fiber optic lines also transfer more data and at quicker rates, which equate to faster, higher quality image displays and sound.

Right now, the leading providers for fiber optic TV are Verizon FiOS® and AT&T. AT&T U-verse® uses a mixture of copper and fiber optics in their cable while Verizon FiOS is strictly 100% fiber optic cable.


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