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Satellite internet is often overlooked as shoppers consider the options available to them, but no one should overlook the biggest advantage it affords users: the ability to multitask. In other words, satellite internet can accommodate multiple users at once.

This is particularly handy when a household has several users who may all want to use the internet at the same time. It also frees up the telephone for receiving calls as normal and is much faster than dial-up internet as well.

How High Speed Satellite Internet Works

Satellite internet facilitates digital communication between a terrestrial hub, orbiting satellites, and the computers that are part of the system. It requires several components before it can be set up in a household, including:

• A satellite dish
• Two separate modems (one for uplinking and one for downlinking)
• The cables that connect these components

Satellite internet works by transmitting the signal from the satellite terminal to satellites orbiting above the earth, which is relayed back to the user’s own satellite dish and transmitted to the user’s computer through the modem.

Though it seems like a complicated system, the setup for satellite internet is relatively simple. Trained technicians from the company can often perform the installation quickly, so switching from another form of internet service to satellite internet is not difficult at all. It is also a relatively cost-effective method of receiving faster internet access.

Consumers who will benefit most from Satellite internet service include those who live in rural locales where internet options may be limited due to their remote location. Satellite internet is also good for people who want to surf the web and send and receive e-mails.


Top Satellite Internet Services Providers

The leading providers of satellite high-speed internet in the U.S. include Dish Network and AT&T.

Satellite internet has come far in recent years and Dish Network has been a big reason. Satellite internet users used to cope with a cumbersome connection that only produced one-way communication via satellite, with the other communications requiring a telephone line.

Now top satellite internet providers like Dish Network are able to provide both the upload and the download modems that can produce reliable two-way data transmission.

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