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50Mbps Internet + Custom TV + Phone

Starting at $79.99 per month

Get more programming with Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS TV offers an extensive lineup of over 200 channels and endless entertainment options. You can finally take control of what you and your family watch with one of many Verizon FiOS TV packages, plus enjoy the convenience of watching your desired programs wherever and whenever you want.

Verizon FiOS channel listings include the most live sports in your area. Enjoy all the major sports networks in HD from your living room and live stream thousands of games online from any mobile device with Verizon FiOS TV online.

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If you’re a movie buff, choose from a complete list of premium Verizon FiOS TV packages that offer hundreds of commercial-free movies and all the latest box office hits.

Catch up with the latest movies, amazing sports events, breaking news and more from the ever-growing Verizon FiOS TV guide that’s guaranteed to have something for every family member. Verizon FiOS channels include access to more than 100 channels in HD.

Call us now and learn more about our Verizon FiOS channel packages and meet the entertainment needs of every member in your household. With Verizon FiOS TV, the entertainment options are endless.

Watch TV Online or On Demand
Cutthroat Kitchen available with Verizon FiOS On Demand & Suits available on Verizon FiOS TV Go app

XFINITY Performance Internet

Download speeds up to 25 Mbps
  • Free access to 500,000+ WiFi hotspots
  • No minimum term contract!
$3999a month for 12 months

Digital Preferred TV

Over 160 digital channels
  • Thousands of XFINITY On Demand choices
  • Watch any time on your TV, laptop, smartphone, or tablet with the XFINITY TV Go app
$5499a month for 12 months

Starter XF Double Play

Over 80 digital channels
  • Up to 25 Mbps download speeds
  • HBO® and Streampix® included for 24 mos.
$7999a month for 12 months
Verizon FiOS TV Online

On-Demand From Verizon FiOS

With more On Demand choices than satellite, Verizon FiOS offers over 10,000 movies and shows a month all available on your schedule with some in HD.

Ever miss a show? Ever miss a show that aired three days ago? You are now able to catch that show with the Look Back® feature.

Verizon is well known in Maryland for its widely used cell phone services. However, Verizon in addition has quickly become a major service provider of high speed internet, home phone plans and digital TV thanks to their Maryland Verizon network.

In an effort to deliver the very best and quickest TV and high speed internet services readily available in Maryland, Verizon is now offering cable services to local residents. services are supplied by fiber optic cables that run directly into your property connecting you to the Verizon network, the only 100% fiber optic network intended for residences.

This extra step ensures that Maryland consumers receive the quickest, highest quality television reception and high speed internet service on the market today.

Verizon Digital TV in Maryland

TV delivers Maryland customers flawless digital cable tv programming that features enhanced HD qualities and interactive functionality such as direct access to Facebook and YouTube. Their DVR has remote programming functions and multi-room viewing - a useful feature for families. Nevertheless the most impressive feature is the Verizon fiber optic cables which withstand static, noise and weather interruptions ensuring your picture stays perfect.

For clients located in places where cable isn't accessible, Verizon also offers satellite tv services. Check on Verizon availability in your town now!

Verizon High Speed Internet in Maryland

On the lookout for the most dependable internet connection in Maryland? Verizon high speed internet service has been rated the quickest in the industry with lightening fast download and upload speeds that keeps your connection operating without the need of a booster. With download speeds up to 50 Mbps, even gaming and video sharing is a breeze with Verizon .

If you aren't interested in super speed internet in Maryland, Verizon also offers regular high speed connections and Wi-Fi. Packages are priced according to need so you never over pay and access can be found in every area they serve.

Ready to discover the most advanced internet access available? See which Verizon high speed internet services are offered in your Maryland neighborhood.

Verizon Telephone Services in MD

Verizon is now offering two different types of home phone service for Maryland customers. The new Verizon Maryland phone service offers superior calling over their fiber optic cable lines. This high quality calling plan offers unrestricted domestic calls and is built into all the systems.

Verizon also provides traditional phone plans that cover everything from standard service to international calling. Both plans have all the calling capabilities available that Maryland customers desire such as call waiting, caller ID and voice mail.

Order Verizon Bundles in Maryland for Even Bigger Discounts

Verizon is a full suite of entertainment and communication services that can be ordered one at a time or altogether as a bundle. For Maryland customers searching for the very best dealsthe bundle plans offer the best savings available.

Act now to view price ranges on Verizon bundles in MD!

Verizon Services by City and State

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